Journal of Social Studies

JSS : 2016 Volume 2 issue 3

The History of Shi'ism from First to Third Century (AH) in Egypt and Africa

Abbas rahbari, Hosein Khosravi, Sohrab Eslami

Page No: 59-64                    

Investigating the Behavior of Hassanein (Peace be upon them) in Confronting Companions of Messenger of God (Peace be upon Him) and Majority of People

Ayyoub Tahmazi, Hosein Khosravi, Sohrab Eslami

Page No: 65-69                    

An Evaluation to the Effect of Cooperative Learning on The Extent of Achievement to Successful Learning and Academic Progress of Zahdan Second District Female High School Student from Teachers Perspective in 2014-2015

Mozhgan Alizadeh, Hassan Shahrakipour

Page No: 70-75                    

Investigation of the Relationship between Storytelling and Creative Thinking of Girl Children of Primary School in Nikshahr City

Fariba Boleydeh, Hassan Shahrakipour, Negar Elhamiyan

Page No: 76-81                    

Study of Empowerment Impact on Efficiency of Teachers` Teaching in Exceptional Elementary Schools of Zahedan

Om-Al-Banin Fanoodi, Hassan Shahrakipour

Page No: 82-87